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When It Comes To Adding Value For Our Clients, What Makes Viaansh Insurance Broker Different? Our People. We Never Stop Doing What’s Right For Our Clients. We Take Their Risks And Their Programs Personally And Always Strive For The Best Outcomes, Whether Consulting, Brokering For The Best Deal Or Making Sure A Claim Outcome Goes Beyond What Is Ordinarily Expected.

Viaansh Insurance Brokers PVT LTD

Services We Offer

We are entitled to serve you with the market's best insurance products and services.

Corporate Insurance​

Viaansh Insurance Help You Protect Your Business Against Operational Risks Such As Theft, Financial Losses, Employees' Health And Accidents So That You Can Just Focus On Your Business Goals​.​

Personal Insurance​

We Covers Individuals Against Loss That Results From Death, Injury, Or Loss Of Property. These Insurance Lines Generally Protect People And Their Families From Losses They Couldn't Afford To Cover On Their Own.​

Industrial/ Corporate Insurance

Project Insurance

To secure work on a project and provides coverage for the exposures a contractor .

Marine Insurance

Covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals, and any transport.

Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance protects companies against customer defaults.

Marine Hull/ DSU Insurance

Realise the potential financial impact on a project due to a delay in critical component delivery .

Property Insurance

Provides cover for any damage or loss caused to the policyholder's property.

Employee Benefit Insurance

It gives compensation in event of injury/death due to an accident while at work.

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance covers vehicles against loss due to theft or physical damage caused from accidents.

Liability Insurance

over the insured against any claims due to causing bodily injuries and damages to the property .

Personal Insurance​

Home Insurance

offers coverage to a house and its content from unforeseen circumstances .

Shopkeeper Insurance

It covers Fire & Allied Perils for buildings & contents of the shop. Burglary and Housebreaking etc.

Health Insurance

it helps you meet your medical expenses by offering financial assistance.

Motor Insurance​

Motor Insurance covers vehicles against loss due to theft or physical damage caused from accidents.

Office Insurance

provides cover for any kind of mishap that can take place in an office

Personal Accident

In the event of demise, bodily injuries, impairment or mutilation resulting from an accident

Life Insurance

It gives financial protection for your family in case of an unfortunate event.

Travel Insurance

It offers you financial help in case something were to go wrong while you're travelling.

We are entitled to serve you with the market's best insurance products and services

Live Better Get Insured

We provide a one-stop solution for all your insurance needs whether is corporate insurance or personal insurance.

Complete Insurance Solutions​

For New Contracts
  • Ensure timely Insurance of the assets financed.
  • Assistance in selection of insurer.
  • Negotiations with Insurance Companies.
  • Most competitive rates and Right coverage.
  • Expedite the Insurance process.
For OLD Contracts
  • Maintain insurance related details for existing contracts as on the cut off Data .
  • Ensure Valuation as per Reinstatement Clause.
  • Update records for addition/completion of contracts.
  • Regular tracking of renewals till the expiry of contracts.
  • Ensure timely insurance coverage.
  • Follow up on regular basis.




Pre Placement

  • Review Insurance requirements.
  • Review Insurance terms of Works Contracts.
  • Issue Synopsis of Insurance Coverages.
  • Propose and agree on insurance programs, deductibles and limits.
  • Source competitive quotes/terms & recommend the preferred insurer.
  • Provide a list of key underwriting information and assist in the collection of the same.
  • Comparison of Contractual requirement Vis-a-vis the Coverages available & highlight the gaps if any.

Post Placement

  • Issuance of policy binder with relevant provisions.
  • Preparation of insurance manual with the relevant write-up, claim form & policy provisions
  • Assist with the appointment/ assessment of Loss Adjusters
  • Issue Claims Reporting Procedure
  • Monitor projects and recommend or manage changes to the insurance program.

What We Bring To The Table

customized insurance as per your needs and budget

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Personalized Service Delivery
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